Orlando Balloon Artist is 25% Off! Time to Celebrate!!!

“Thank you!!!! For an amazing party today! The kids as always loved you!!!”
-Nicole Santana

When I (Tony the Balloon Guy) told the missus (Face Painter Phyllis) that my weight was down to 209 lbs, she asked, “Weren’t we supposed to get you at cake at 210?”

That’s hilarious, but she’s right!

No, not about the cake, but I had forgotten that 210 lbs was my biggest along-the-way-to-just-right goal.

See, I had gotten up as high as 280 lbs, so losing 70 lbs was one quarter of me gone.


Photo: Why do I look so much fatter holding an balloon alligator than I do holding a balloon monkey? The alligator pic is me in January 2010. This balloon guy has deflated some.Photo: Why do I look so much fatter holding an balloon alligator than I do holding a balloon monkey? The alligator pic is me in January 2010. This balloon guy has deflated some.

Well, it has taken many months, so it was more like pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst.

Kind of like a balloon deflating!


By the way, more than a thousand families like yours have invited our family business to celebrate birthdays with them. We are also a favorite at school, church, company and corporate events, including fairs, festivals, holiday parties and grand openings.

We’ve performed on the world’s largest cruise ship and at events for The Tampa Bay Lightning pro hockey team, Bank of America, and even Disney Parks and Resorts. What can we do for YOU? At special events throughout the Tampa Bay area and Central Florida, we provide:

Please click on the activities above for information and pictures. Then pick one, or mix and match to create a package and SAVE MONEY!

So how do people get entertainment for parties and special events?

  • You can pay an agent, party/event planner, total entertainment company, or other middleman a commission on each entertainer they hire for you. Even if they refer to “our face painters” or “our balloon artists,” they are charging you to hire someone. Sometimes even the person answering the phone is getting a cut, and only being paid if you book the party or event! Of course, in this modern Internet Age, you could hire entertainers yourself and NOT pay commissions. Wouldn’t it be funny if a middleman hired US for you, when you could have booked us yourself without paying a commission? It happens!!!
  • You can spend time hiring entertainers yourself. By cutting out the middleman, you save the commissions. But you still pay full price for each entertainer if you’re hiring more than one, such as a balloon artist AND a face painter.
  • We can provide your event entertainment, and give you a DISCOUNT for combining entertainers. You save money because WE’RE the professional entertainers. And you can read our testimonials and/or see us in action at one of our weekly open-to-the-public appearances (click here for days, times and locations) to check out the quality of our entertainment!

Be sure to get our quote before you book entertainment for your event!

Have a fun day!

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All Signs Point To FUN!

Will there be a fortune teller at the party?

All Signs Point To FUN!

Consistently named “The Best Balloon Person I’ve Ever Seen,” international balloon artist/balloon twister Tony the Balloon Guy (”Tony Balloonguy” on Facebook) and family provide special-occasion balloon delivery/balloon deliveries and also entertainment (party packages that can include balloon twisters/balloon man/balloon animals, face painters/face painting – chiefly Face Painter Phyllis, glitter tattoos, pony parties, princess parties, piano music, an upbeat and entertaining fortune teller, a magic show magician, etc.) for birthday parties; family reunions; family picnics; trade shows; school parties, fairs, carnivals, festivals, assemblies and other events; church parties, picnics, festivals, outreach events and holiday events; grand openings, corporate/company picnics, parties, employee appreciation days and such; holiday parties; kids’ parties/children’s parties; masquerade balls and masquerade parties; civic association picnics, parties and other events; and more, throughout the Tampa Bay area and the state of Florida, including the Central Florida/Orlando/Kissimmee area. Balloon decor/decorations, too (arches, columns, canopies, centerpieces, etc., for weddings, baby showers, grand openings, dances, golden anniversaries and more). Tony the Balloon Guy’s work has been covered by and photographed for the St. Petersburg Times, the Tampa Tribune, the Orlando Sentinel, and smaller newspapers like the Gulfport Gabber and The Laker of Pasco County, as well as being reported on by the online services of TV stations like Bay News 9 and WTSP-TV Channel 10. Tony the Balloon Guy has also appeared on Emmy-award-winning Charely Belcher’s “Charely’s World,” a “Good Day Tampa Bay” feature on WTVT-TV Fox 13.

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