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“Thank you!!!! For an amazing party today! The kids as always loved you!!!”
-Nicole Santana

Our family business provides entertainment and activities for parties and other events, and, although balloons and face painting are fun for all ages (the oldest birthday kids we’ve ever done a party for were both turning 90!), a lot of our business is geared toward families and family-oriented events.

But we do offer something specifically for the grown-ups.

Fortune telling!

Fortune telling at a party?

You bet!

People love to hear about themselves!

And the kinds of readings we offer – palm readings, Tarot card readings, numerology/astrology readings, etc. – are amazingly accurate: the Ancients put a lot of thought into these systems to make them work! And the systems wouldn’t have lasted all these centuries if they DIDN’T work!

You don’t have to believe in woo-woo spooky magic to have fun getting your palm read at a party! Even kids know that a balloon dog isn’t a REAL dog, but they have fun recognizing what about it is LIKE a dog, and they get a kick out of pretending.  Likewise, you don’t have to believe some supernatural synchronicity of the universe determined what cards are laid out on the table in order for you to appreciate what is right about what the cards say about you… and maybe for you to remember something good about yourself that you hadn’t thought of in a while!

Depending on the theme of your party – Halloween or Mardi Gras, for example – a fortune teller can be decorative, too!

I (Tony) wear a long-sleeve white or purple shirt, and a black vest, pants and shoes. At a Mardi Gras birthday party in Riverview last week, I had no objection to putting strings of beads around my neck to add to the atmosphere of the event. If someone wanted me to wear a Sinbad- or Aladdin-style turban to match a party’s theme, that would be fine, too.

Usually the host of a party provides two or three chairs and a small table (although I can bring a table if need be) for the readings, in a place that has enough light to see and is quiet enough to hear – perhaps in another room if the music is loud.

I drape a black cover, that has tiny dark-but-shiny stars in the cloth, over the table, and display such props as an hourglass with a small crystal ball on it, a bag of runes, a magic 8-ball, etc., and of course, the Tarot cards. I point out the lines in people’s hands with a very ornate letter-opener, a gift from my daughter specifically for the purpose of reading palms.

There is an open pocket watch on the table, too. It’s decorative AND it helps keep the readings moving along – about five-to-seven minutes each, to get to as many guests as possible in the time you’ve hired me for.

The readings themselves are legit – I have studied the systems, and I read what I see. “I detest fake readings,” Docc Hilford, a world-renowned psychic entertainer and magician told me after I studied with him on a visit to Tampa. I agree: why make stuff up when the cards, lines or numbers guide the reading? Just add a little intuition and a little showmanship, and you’re good to go.

My showmanship comes from years of experience as a professional family variety entertainer. Though I’m not ZANY when I’m reading – like I might be while juggling, twisting balloons or performing a magic show – I’m upbeat, friendly and positive with each of the guests.

The readings are upbeat and positive, too – never scary or disturbing. Even if it’s a Halloween party, it’s still a party, right?

Halloween parties are perfect for a fortune teller, of course, but readings are also super popular at grown-up birthday parties and other-holiday parties, especially Christmas and New Year’s, when people are both reflecting and looking forward.

Can you  see a fortune teller at a party in YOUR future?


By the way, more than a thousand families like yours have invited our family business to celebrate birthdays with them. We are also a favorite at school, church, company and corporate events, including fairs, festivals, holiday parties and grand openings.

What can we do for YOU? At special events throughout the Tampa Bay area and Central Florida, we provide:

Please click on the activities above for information and pictures. Then pick one, or mix and match to create a package and SAVE MONEY!

So how do people get entertainment for parties and special events?

  • You can pay an agent, party/event planner, total entertainment company, or other middleman a commission on each entertainer they hire for you. Even if they refer to “our face painters” or “our balloon artists,” they are charging you to hire someone. Sometimes even the person answering the phone is getting a cut, and only being paid if you book the party or event! Of course, in this modern Internet Age, you could hire entertainers yourself and NOT pay commissions. Wouldn’t it be funny if a middleman hired US for you, when you could have booked us yourself without paying a commission? It happens!!!
  • You can spend time hiring entertainers yourself. By cutting out the middleman, you save the commissions. But you still pay full price for each entertainer if you’re hiring more than one, such as a balloon artist AND a face painter.
  • We can provide your event entertainment, and give you a DISCOUNT for combining entertainers. You save money because WE’RE the professional entertainers. And you can read our testimonials and/or see us in action at one of our weekly open-to-the-public appearances (click here for days, times and locations) to check out the quality of our entertainment!

Be sure to get our quote before you book entertainment for your event! Have a fun day!

And please visit for testimonials, feedback, reviews, more information and photos/pictures.

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All Signs Point To FUN!

Will there be a fortune teller at the party?

All Signs Point To FUN!

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