Birthday Party Entertainment

Balloon Artist, Face Painter, Magic Show, Pony Ride, Juggler, Glitter Tattoos, Princess, Fortune Teller and More
Hurray, You're Here - Your Party Is Waiting!

Our family business of family entertainers has been chosen by schools, churches, and companies like Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Bank of America (a more complete list appears below on the right side of this page), but most of what we do is BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!

More than a thousand families like yours have invited us to celebrate children's and grown-ups' birthdays with them. May we add your family to their number?

At special events throughout the Tampa Bay area and Central Florida, we provide:

You can choose any of these fun activities (described in detail on this page - please scroll down!), or mix and match to create a party package!

Members of our family business provide all these services, so we are able to offer package discounts when you combine them!

So how do people get family entertainment for parties?

  • You can pay an agent, party/event planner, total entertainment company, or other middleman a commission on each entertainer they hire for you. Even if they refer to "our face painters" or "our balloon artists," they are charging you to hire someone. Sometimes even the person answering the phone is getting a cut, and only being paid if you actually book the party! Of course, in this modern Internet Age, you can hire entertainers yourself and NOT pay commissions. Wouldn't it be funny if a middleman hired US for you, when you could have booked us yourself without paying extra? It happens!
  • You can spend time hiring entertainers yourself. By cutting out the middleman, you save the commission(s). But you still pay full price for each entertainer if you hire more than one, such as a balloon artist AND a face painter.
  • WE can provide your party entertainment, and give you a DISCOUNT for combining entertainers. You save money, because WE'RE the professional entertainers. And you can read our testimonials and/or visit one of our weekly open-to-the-public appearances (please click here for days, times and locations) to see how good the entertainment is!

Please scroll down to read about Tony the Balloon Guy's party services.

You can also surf Tony the Balloon Guy's Blog for humor, observations, more info about party-and-event services, testimonials and more. There are also testimonials at the homepage of And a few scattered about this page.

"I would like you to come to my daughter's 6th birthday party on January 26 if you're free. If you're not, we'll change the date! All she talks about is having you at her party.”
—Jaclyn Peterson, Madison's mom, Spring Hill

Balloon Entertainment Parties

Tony the Balloon Guy crafts a work of art for each of your child's guests, with a few extra things for the birthday child.

The birthday child also gets a super-ginormous birthday hat, if so desired. And if that guest of honor wants an extra-special sculpture, like a giant version of an animal, or a sculpture that resembles a favorite character (Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Batman, Superman, Road Runner, Elmo, etc.), please say so when you book the party, so Tony the Balloon Guy will be ready!

The other guests can each ask for a hat, flower, heart wand, teddy bear, ladybug, butterfly, bumble bee, mouse, puppy, snake, fish, frog, turtle, elephant, giraffe, duck, bunny, lion, tiger, crab, alligator, motorcycle, helicopter, airplane, princess, space alien, etc.

A sword is an option, but usually, unless the Grown-up In Charge objects, Tony the Balloon Guy will make everyone a fancier sculpture first, then make a whole bunch of swords at the end, if there is time.

If the party is small - say four or five kids instead of 12 or 15, there should be time for the guests to each receive an extra sculpture. Yay!

With lots of interaction, one-liners and antics, Tony the Balloon Guy is an entertainer first, so even the kids who have already gotten a balloon can enjoy “the show.”

In fact, sometimes Tony the Balloon Guy, experienced at stage shows in libraries, schools, etc. works in front of the kids while they sit and watch like an audience, or as they eat at a table. In this "show mode," Tony may hand the balloons to a grown-up to write names on each balloon, and then distribute them at the end, so they are kept safe during the show, and the kids are able to watch and laugh without interruption. This is a great way to keep everyone occupied at the same time.

But if your party has many things happening at once, Tony is happy to make balloons one-on-one with the kids while they wander between activities.

Whatever works best for you!

Tony the Balloon Guy does many, many outdoor birthday parties each year - at parks, backyards, beaches, etc. - but balloons survive better indoors. Grass kills balloons! If you are having balloon entertainment at a party outside, please arrange for the kids to have somewhere to put their balloons when they aren't holding them. Perhaps inside, or in a clean, smooth box that isn't in the sun and won't let the wind blow them away!

Click here for more pictures of Tony the Balloon Guy's artwork.

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"Great job yesterday! Everyone had a wonderful time. I will recommend you to anyone who is having a party! Thanks to you and your family for making my grandson, Xavier’s, 2nd birthday so special."
—Debbie Chavis

Face Painting Parties

Face Painter Phyllis is a talented artist who has worked for the Tampa Yankees and the Tampa Bay Lightning, as well as at the Florida Aquarium, the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, etc.

She brings beautiful rainbows, butterflies, hearts, flowers, horses, princess crowns and more to your party. For the girls, anyway.

For the boys, it's snakes, dragons, alligators, cars, trains, spiders on webs, superhero symbols, pirate faces and such.

Any children who don't want their faces painted are invited to have something on their hands or arms instead.

Face Painter Phyllis uses only theatrical make-up – nothing harmful for little ones' skin!

Click here for more pictures of Face Painter Phyllis' artwork.

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"Tony, please thank Face Painter Phyllis for such a great time at Nick's party on the 3rd. She did a great job (as usual). Fun times were had by all.”
—Trish Gutierrez, Nick's mom, Hudson

Glitter Tattoo Parties

Wow, the face painting sounds awesome, but you're having a pool party, or a party at the beach? Balloons are still an option, and so is a magic show. Even a pony would be OK at a pool party, if the kids ride the pony first, so the saddle doesn't get swimsuit-wet. But face paint will wash right off, right?

Yes, but glitter tattoos won't!

Face Painter Phyllis applies tattoos in all kinds of shapes (fairies,dolphins, pirate skulls, spiders, mermaids, superhero symbols, etc.) to hands and arms - no faces - using stencils and a surgical-grade adhesive (made especially for use on skin) to create colorful pictures that stay on in water, and last three or four days.

Perfect for that water party!

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"I just wanted to thank you so much for making Megan's birthday a memorable one. She had the time of her life and her friends did as well. I really appreciate the time you took to take care of everyone here. Every picture I took today of Megan and her friends they all had big smiles on their face and sparkles in their eyes. You are awesome!! By the way, Megan was really surprised to see Gator (the pony) and she enjoyed riding him and feeding him so much.”
—Beverly Lisowski, Megan's mom, Spring Hill

Pony Parties

Is there any event better for taking pictures of children than a pony party? Tony the Balloon Guy often meets people in their 70s or older who still have pictures of themselves as children on ponies.

Book a pony party with Tony the Balloon Guy, and you might see Tony with a pony instead of with balloons.

But you're more likely to see a Cowgirl Phyllis.

Yes, decades before she painted her first face, Phyllis fell in love with horses.

Phyllis arrives at a pony party with Gator, a sorrel (reddish-brown) pony with a white blaze on his face and a crazy Tina Turner hairdo. He's already saddled and ready to ride when he leaps from the horse trailer.

A quick review of the rules (walk—don't run—around the pony, keep from behind his tail and under his feet, etc.), and the hand-led rides begin.

The birthday child goes first and last, and everyone takes turns in between.

Kids love Gator. He's patient with excited children and used to noisy crowds. He doesn't need much room — he has navigated cluttered daycare center playgrounds, and even walked figure-eights in a two-car garage to move a birthday party out of the rain.

Gator prefers grass or dirt to concrete or asphalt, and Phyllis prefers flat ground to hills — they can really make your legs sore!

Some party moms and dads have treats kids can feed Gator. That's OK with Phyllis, and you know it's OK with Gator! Gator likes small carrot pieces and apple slices, of course, and also grapes and strawberries.

On a hot day, Phyllis may show how Gator drinks Gatorade (of course) or water from a bottle. That always makes the children laugh.

Once a tiny birthday boy reached up to feed Gator his sno-cone, which Gator loved. That was adorable... until the boy took another bite for himself!

Loving both kids and horses, Phyllis is a natural teacher, showing how to mount and dismount the pony, telling what to say to start and stop a horse, pointing out things about Gator's ears, or maybe his feet, and so on. She's interested in the kids, too, asking about their ages, interests, and experiences with horses.

In short, Phyllis makes each child—especially the birthday child—a star. And Gator the co-star.

Gator can carry guests up to about 85 pounds. If you will have heavier riders - even grown-ups - consider requesting that a horse come instead of a pony. That's no problem.

Also, some parties - perhaps with dozens of guests - call for the pony carousel that Phyllis and Tony the take to festivals, rodeos, school carnivals, and other large events. It costs more, and there's a three-hour minimum, but Noah, Dusty, Peaches, Blossom and Buttercup are on call to join Gator if you need them.

Click here for more pictures of Gator and pony parties.

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"Hi Phyllis. I haven't had a chance to email you, but I want to thank you. You and Tony were everything you said and MORE. I loved everything about you guys, and I'm so glad we had you both. Tony is awesome and so are you."
—Valerie Cassano, B&V Enterprises

Unicorn Parties

Think pony party, but with the pony wearing a bit of a disguise.

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"My boys have insisted on going to Wiregrass Mall to see you. Balloons are universally happy but you create some terrific pieces and you give each child an undivided moment of magic. I think you are every bit a celebrity to my kids and I appreciate you making their day. ”
—Shelly Meredith Baksh

Spider-Man Parties

Spider-Man arrives at the party for fun and wonderful photos.

Spider-Man will strike some of his favorite poses, maybe do some gymnastics more and dance with the kids a bit.

You know, basically does whatever a spider can.

Who wouldn't want to HANG OUT with Spider-Man on their birthday?

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Magic Shows

Speaking of magic, Tony the Balloon Guy performs a 30-minute magic show for ages 3-8 or so.

The magic is good, but, like with the balloons, the focus is on the entertainment: getting the kids involved and – most of all – making them laugh!

In this half-hour show, there are tricks with cards, ropes, balloons (of course!), and a few big show-stopper surprises!

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"Thanks for Saturday - that was great. We all had a lot of fun. You will have to do it again next year! My friend will be calling you for his daughter's party.”
—Khris Landry, 31-year-old birthday boy, Spring Hill

Juggling Parties

Juggling is amazing to watch... for about six seconds.

You can extend that six seconds to maybe ten or fifteen minutes if you put some jokes and physical comedy in there, and add a lot of variety to the juggling.

But although it may not hold an audience's attention too long, juggling is so fun to do!

So for kids nine and older, Tony the Balloon Guy offers a party that begins with a short, fun juggling show, and transitions into a a class on how to juggle.

This is often a great party for older kids, who may think they've outgrown balloons and face painting.

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"Hi Tony + Phyllis. We would like to thank you for all the great entertainment at the 90th birthday party on Halloween for Mona! The balloons and face painting were a big hit with the kids and adults as well! Mom was just thrilled with the entire day, and getting to see everyone including all her grandkids and great grandkids was just priceless! She is still talking about what a wonderful time she had and we are so happy you were able to be a part of it!”
—Jerry Polony and Theresa Abruzzo, Brooksville

See For Yourself!

Tony the Balloon Guy and Face Painter Phyllis do balloons and face painting (obviously) at regular times and venues every week.

You can find the schedule of those appearances at this site's homepage (

There, you will also find more photos, as well as links to even more photos.

Tony and Phyllis also appear at many open-to-the-public events, which you can keep up with by befriending “Tony Balloonguy” on Facebook.

Tony and Phyllis would be honored and delighted to help with your celebration! Please let them know what works best for you.

Booking or More Information

As soon as you can (to keep anyone else from getting your desired date and time), please call 352.796.1125 or email. Although you can just ask a quick question, and we'll request any additional information we need from you, any of the following is always helpful:

  • Your first name, and your relationship to the birthday child.
  • Your phone number and the best time to call, if you wish to be phoned.
  • The birthday child's name, gender, and how old he or she is turning.
  • Your street and town (to make sure we have enough travel time between events).
  • The date and time you are interested in.
  • What type(s) of entertainment are you interested in?
  • If a pony party, how many children under 85 pounds will ride the pony? Or if you need a horse, how many will ride the horse?
  • If a balloon party, how many people will you need balloon sculptures for?
  • If a face painting party, how many people will you need painted?
  • How did you hear about us?

Share the fun—tell a friend! Thanks!!!

If you know a parent with a child who is having a birthday this year, direct them to – they'll appreciate it!

Contact Us

Get our quote before you book party entertainment, or you may pay too much! Call 352.796.1125 or email for more information today!

In addition to birthday parties, Tony the Balloon Guy and family provide entertainment at all sorts of special events, for the likes of:

  • Abundance Faith Deliverance Ministry, Christmas Gala balloon decor (Lakeland)

  • Ace Electrical Services company picnic (Kissimmee)

  • Accusoft Pegasus company picnic (Tampa)

  • The Allegro (Tarpon Springs)

  • Allstate Insurance, company event (St. Petersburg)

  • AMC 12/IMAX grand opening at Westfield Sarasota Square Mall (Sarasota)

  • Ana Maria Community Center Family Fun Festival (Ana Maria Island/Holmes Beach)

  • Anthony's Italian Restaurant (Trinity)

  • Arcadia Rodeo (Arcadia)

  • ARC Nature Coast (Brooksville)

  • Asbury United Methodist Church, community Easter event (Maitland)

  • Atria Windsor Woods (Hudson)

  • Baldomero Lopez State Veterans Nursing Home (Land O' Lakes)

  • Bandshell Bash (Brooksville)

  • Bank of America company picnic at Buccaneer Bay (Weeki Wachee Springs)

  • Banyan Senior Apartments (Port Richey)

  • Best Buy Grand Opening (Spring Hill)

  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters event (Spring Hill)

  • Black Diamond Ranch (Lecanto)

  • Bluesapalooza Music Festival (Spring Hill)

  • Boy Scouts of America, Cub Scout Pack 20, Longleaf Elementary School (New Port Richey)

  • Bright House, Anniversary Employee Event (New Port Richey)

  • Brooksville Healthcare Center community carnival (Brooksville)

  • Brooksville Regional Hospital (Brooksville)

  • Brooksville Housing Authority, Thanksgiving dinner/party (Brooksville)

  • Calladium Festival (Lake Placid)

  • Casa Tina's (Dunedin)

  • Carpenter's Home Church (Lakeland)

  • Cassis American Brasserie (St. Petersburg)

  • Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad, AKA CP&G Railroad (Shady Hills)

  • Chabad of Brandon Hanukkah Celebration at Westfield Brandon Town Center - face painting by Phyllis; juggling show by Tony the Balloon Guy (Brandon)

  • Chasco Fiesta (New Port Richey)

  • Chick-Fil-A (Brooksville)

  • Chick-Fil-A Westfield's Citrus Park Mall (Tampa)

  • Chick-Fil-A Grand Re-Opening in Citrus Park Town Center Mall(Tampa)

  • Children's Miracle Network fundraiser - Thanks IHOP! (Spring Hill)

  • Children's Safety Rally (Trilby)

  • Chili's Restaurant (Spring Hill)

  • Chocachatti Elementary School (Brooksville)

  • Citrus Stampede Rodeo (Inverness)

  • Clearwater Celebrates America, 4th of July Fireworks (Clearwater)

  • Clearwater Public Library Main Branch (Clearwater)

  • Clearwater Public Library North Greenwood Branch (Clearwater)

  • Christian Church in the Wildwood (Brooksville)

  • Christian Church in the Wildwood park picnic (Brooksville)

  • Cici's Pizza (Spring Hill)

  • Cici's Pizza (New Port Richey)

  • Citrus Park Town Center Mall (Tampa)

  • Coggin Honda (Orlando)

  • Coggin Kia (Jacksonville)

  • Coggin Toyota of the Avenues (Jacksonville)

  • Courtesy Autogroup (Brandon)

  • Crescent Center Clinic Grand Opening (Brooksville)

  • Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America's "Take A Step Towards A Cure"(Siesta Beach, Siesta Key/Sarasota)

  • Crystal River High School Prom - we made that big balloon arch in the entranceway, and did some other decor (Crystal River)

  • Cypress Woods Elementary School (Palm Harbor)

  • David A. Straz, Jr., Center for the Performing Arts (Tampa)

  • Dayton Andrews Dodge (decor) (St. Petersburg)

  • Deltona Elementary School Spring Festival/20th Birthday Bash (decor) (Spring Hill)

  • Denny's (Brooksville)

  • Denny's (Spring Hill)

  • Diamond Ranch Country Club (Lecanto)

  • Dillard's, Countryside Mall (Clearwater)

  • Discovery Point (Spring Hill)

  • Disney Parks and Resorts (Celebration/Orlando)

  • DQ Grill & Chill, AKA Dairy Queen (Brooksville)

  • Downs Syndrome Association Christmas party (Isleworth/Orlando)

  • Dunedin Public Library (Dunedin)

  • Dunkin Donuts Grand Reopening Celebration (Lutz)

  • Dunnellon Public Library, a branch of the Marion County Public Library System(Dunnellon)

  • East Hernando Public Library stage show (Ridge Manor/Brooksville)

  • Elks Lodge for Community Christmas Event (Brooksville)

  • East Lakes Sports Complex - Soccer Season Opening Day (Tarpon Springs)

  • Evergreen Woods Health and Rehab (Spring Hill)

  • Faith United Methodist Church (New Port Richey)

  • Fellowship Community Church (Spring Hill)

  • First Christian Academy (Trinity/Tarpon Springs)

  • First Church of the Nazarene (Bradenton)

  • First United Methodist Church Picnic/Easter Egg Hunt (Brooksville)

  • First United Methodist Church (Spring Hill)

  • Flapjack Festival (Dade City/Land O' Lakes)

  • The Florida Aquarium (Tampa)

  • The Florida Aquarium's table at "Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine's" Back to School Fair at the Glazer Children's Museum (Tampa)

  • Genesis School (New Port Richey)

  • Glazer Children's Museum (Tampa) - provided 250 balloon flowers for the sneak-peek Imagination Gala

  • Gold Pros, DeSoto Square Mall (Bradenton)

  • Golden Corral (Brooksville)

  • Grace Community Church (Brooksville)

  • Great Beginnings Preschool graduation decor(Spring Hill)

  • Greater Hernando County Chamber of Commerce gatherings (Brooksville & Spring Hill)

  • Greater Trilbry Community Association's Independence Day Celebration (Trilby)

  • GTE Federal Credit Union Memberfest (Tampa/Ybor City)

  • Hanukkah on Ice at Countryside Mall (Countryside/Clearwater/Dunedin area)

  • Health and Resources Summit, Brooksville Regional Hospital (Brooksville)

  • Heart Center Church of God (Lacoochee)

  • Hernando Correctional Institute Christmas Party (for employees and their families, not inmates) (Spring Hill)

  • Hernando County Clerk's Office department party (Spring Hill)

  • Hernando County Fair (Brooksville)

  • Hernando County Reading Festival - one year at the Hernando County Library; two years at Nature Coast Technical High School (Spring Hill)

  • Hernando County Realtor Affiliate Fair trade show (Brooksville)

  • Hernando County Sheriff's Department picnic at Horse Lake Plaza Beef O' Brady's (Brooksville)

  • Hernando High School (Brooksville)

  • Hilton Grand Vacations Club - Tuscany (Orlando)

  • Honda of Port Richey comany Christmas party (Tarpon Springs)

  • Huntington Learning Center, Autism Awareness Event (Tampa)

  • IHOP restaurant (Hudson)

  • IHOP restaurant (Spring Hill)

  • Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Mosque (Tampa)

  • James E. Stephens Elementary School (Bartow)

  • JC Penney Grand Opening (Spring Hill)

  • Junebug's Children's Store (Spring Hill)

  • Just Desserts and Sandwiches Grand Opening (Spring Hill)

  • KinderCare (Clearwater)

  • Kiwanis Club's Music By the Lake (Spring Hill)

  • Kumon Center (Palma Ceia)

  • Kumquat Festival (Dade City)

  • LA Fitness Grand Opening - balloon arches, balloon columns, balloon bouquets, giant outdoor helium balloons (across from Tyrone Square Mall, St. Petersburg)

  • Landmark Baptist Church (Brooksville)

  • Largo Public Library stage show (Largo)

  • Lickety Splits (Bushnell)

  • Little Achievers Preschool (New Port Richey)

  • Little Rascals Daycare (Spring Hill)

  • Mariner Lanes (Spring Hill)

  • Meet the Candidates event (Celebration)

  • Memorial Day Festival, Fine Arts Council (Brooksville)

  • Miller's Orlando Ale House Restaurant (Orlando)

  • MOMS (Mothers of Multiples) Christmas Party at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Seminole Heights (Tampa)

  • Monster Transmission's Monster Auto Show and Children's Charity Event (Brooksville)

  • Museum of Science and Industry, AKA MOSI - Halloboo! (Tampa)

  • National Night Out, Riverwalk Crimewatch (Spring Hill)

  • Nativity Catholic Church Grand Opening(Brandon)

  • Nativity Lutheran Church (Weeki Wachee)

  • Nature Coast Freedom Fest (Brooksville)

  • Nature Coast Technical High School homecoming dance - Go Sharks! (Spring Hill)

  • New Port Richey Public Library (New Port Richey)

  • Oak Grove Middle School, for NFL Play 60's "Bring an NFL Player to School" Sweepstakes, sponsored by JC Penney (Clearwater)(Congratulations Justin Austin!)

  • Old Hyde Park Village Christmas Tree Lighting(South Tampa)

  • Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church(Land O Lakes)

  • Papa Joe's Restaurant (Brooksville)

  • Park Lake Civic Association picnic at Starkey Park (New Port Richey)

  • Pasco County Employees' Christmas Picnic - thanks to SunTrust Bank for sponsoring my appearance! (New Port Richey)

  • Pasco County Fair (Dade City)

  • Pasco Regional Medical Center Volunteer Appreciation Day (Dade City)

  • Pathways Community Church (Clearwater)

  • Pathways Community Church (Largo)

  • Peace Lutheran Church (Holiday)

  • PSAV company Christmas party (Orlando)

  • RaceTrac Grand Opening (Brooksville)

  • RaceTrac Grand Opening (Homosassa Springs)

  • RaceTrac Grand Opening (Land O Lakes)

  • Regency Palms Assisted Living Facility (Largo)

  • The Residence at Timber Pines memory unit (Spring Hill)

  • Romano's Macaroni Grill (Brandon)

  • Rotary Club's Annual Family Night (New Port Richey)

  • Royal Caribbean International's Allure of the Seas (sailing from Ft. Lauderdale)

  • Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, the biggest cruise ship in the world, sailing to Nassau in the Bahamas, St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, and St. Maarten/St. Martin in the Dutch West Indies (from Fort Lauderdale)

  • Run for Rotary (Holiday)

  • Saddle Creek Corporation Christmas Carnival (Lakeland)

  • Safety Harbor Public Library (Safety Harbor)

  • Safety Harbor Resort & Spa (Safety Harbor)

  • Scribbles Preschool graduation decor(Spring Hill)

  • St. Anne's Catholic Church (Dade City)

  • St. Anthony Catholic Church (Brooksville)

  • St. Leo University, family day (St. Leo)

  • St. Pete Beach Public Library (St. Pete Beach)

  • St. Vincent De Paul Society Easter Egg Hunt at the Nature Coast Botanical Gardens (Spring Hill)

  • Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church (Maronite) (Town and Country)

  • Sephora Grand Opening (balloon columns and arch) (Countryside)

  • Seven Oaks pool party (Seven Oaks)

  • Sea Breeze Community Church (Largo/Seminole)

  • Sears, VIP Friends and Family Christmas Sale (Crystal River)

  • Seven Oaks Clubhouse Community Easter Event (Wesley Chapel)

  • Sherwood Florist (Spring Hill)

  • Shops At Wiregrass, Wiregrass Wednesdays with Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine (Wesley Chapel/New Tampa)

  • Shorecrest Preparatory School, Early Learning Center (St. Petersburg)

  • Sparklebration (Dade City)

  • Spring Hill Bible Church (Spring Hill)

  • Spring Hill Elementary School (Spring Hill)

  • Spring Hill First Church of the Nazarene (Spring Hill)

  • Spring Hill Health & Rehab (Spring Hill)

  • Spring Hill Hernando Public Library stage show (Spring Hill)

  • Spring Hill Regional Hospital's Children's Health and Safety Expo (Spring Hill)

  • Spring Oaks (Brooksville)

  • Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson, P.A., of Tampa, company picnic (Fort DeSoto Park, Tierra Verde)

  • Stirling House of Spring Hill (Spring Hill)

  • Strawberry Festival, Whispering Pines(Kissimmee)

  • Strum Hollow Music(Spring Hill)

  • Summer Splash Summer Camp Expo (Tampa)

  • Sumter County Youth Center summer camp (Bushnell)

  • Suncoast Elementary School (Spring Hill)

  • Suncoast Villa Luxury Apartments community picnic (Spring Hill)

  • Sunsets at Pier 60, making balloons and catching some rays with the tourists (Clearwater) (Shout-outs to Dallas, Jimmy, Robbie, Hannah and Al!)

  • SunTrust Bank, branch grand opening (Spring Hill)

  • Swamp Fest (Weeki Wachee)

  • Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL Hockey (Tampa)

  • Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center (Tampa)

  • Tampa Covenant Church (Tampa)

  • Tampa Housing Authority Fatherhood Initiative Day/Father's Day event at the Dave A. Straz, Jr., Center for the Performing Arts (Tampa)

  • Tampa Yankees, Minor League Baseball, Legends Field, George Steinbrenner Stadium (Tampa)

  • Target grand opening (Spring Hill)

  • Tarpon Springs Public Library stage show (Tarpon Springs)

  • Taste of Sarasota (Sarasota)

  • Temple Ahavat Shalom early learning center (Palm Harbor/Dunedin)

  • Trinity Alliance Church Trunk Or Treat (Trinity/Tarpon Springs)

  • Trinity Oaks Homeowner's Association Santa Claus Picnic (Trinity/New Port Richey)

  • Trinity Urgent Care grand opening (Trinity/New Port Richey)

  • United Way 20th Anniversary in Hernando County (Spring Hill) - Thank you Chick-Fil-A for sponsoring my appearance!

  • University of South Florida - Go USF Bulls! (Tampa)

  • Village Cadillac and Toyota (Homosassa Springs)

  • Wachovia Bank Kids Day (Dade City)

  • Walk for the Poor(Spring Hill)

  • Week of the Young Child (Brooksville)

  • Week of the Young Child (Hudson)

  • Wal-Mart Distribution Center employee family Halloween party (Ridge Manor)

  • Wal-Mart Supercenter grand re-opening (Spring Hill)

  • Wal-Mart Supercenter Kelloggs Promotion (Brooksville)

  • Wal-Mart Supercenter 1st Anniversary Celebration - thank you to Kellogg for sponsoring me and Face Painter Phyllis: you're grrrrrreat! (Wimauma/Sun City Center)

  • Wal-Mart Supercenter Kelloggs Promotion (Zephyrhills)

  • WAMU (Washington Mutual Bank) grand opening, (Brandon)

  • Wasabi Japanese Restaurant, AKA Wasabi Sushi & Grill, grand opening balloon decor (Spring Hill)

  • West Hernando Public Library stage show (Weeki Wachee/Spring Hill)

  • YMCA Healthy Kids Day (Spring Hill)

  • YMCA Volunteer Appreciation Day (Spring Hill)


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